Staff Opportunities

Discipleship Journeys with Jesus has a big vision and needs many staff members to accomplish it. Below are some of the staff roles needed now.
Please pray about the possibility that God would have you be part of this mission. As you pray, be aware that DJJ is a faith mission and its staff are faith-supported missionaries. In other words, we do not have a budget to hire staff members. Instead, from the President down, we are support-raising missionaries who trust God to provide for our support through churches and friends who believe in our mission.
The roles below are both part and full-time just like our missionaries are both part and full-time. We are also eager to have more volunteer staff who might be able to serve without having to raise funding.
Staff needed now:
1. Partnership Developers: We need leaders to share, both in person and electronically, the discipleship process and ministry of DJJ.
2. Social Media Director: We want to be on the cutting edge of technological tools of our day that can help to promote the cause of Christ and discipleship.
3. World Zone Leaders: Once the discipleship journeys are established in various world regions, help will be needed both to problem solve and increase the ministry.
4. Personal Assistants: Help is needed with the many details of running this ministry. Because of technology, Virtual Assistants who do work remotely are possible.
5. International Trainers: While the DJJ lessons are designed to be used by any believer, trainers are needed to introduce the training and show leaders around the world how to use it.
6. Development Staff: Help is needed to secure the funding that will provide for the expanding needs of the ministry.
7. Translation Coordinator: Our vision is to have DJJ materials in all the major languages of the world, plus as many other languages as possible. This takes extensive communication and organization.
8. Translators: If you have a vision for DJJ to be available your language, we’d like to know about it and see if God is leading us to work together.
If God seems to be leading you toward this ministry, please contact us so we can talk about what it might mean to join the DJJ team. Email Mark.