Why Discipleship Journeys with Jesus?
By Dr. Mark Alan Williams, Founder and President

In the year 2000, I was in the Netherlands at the Amsterdam 2000 Conference. It was a Billy Graham sponsored gathering of 10,000 evangelism leaders from around the world. It was a wonderful event, but it turned awful when I got lost.

There was a park behind our hotel, with a large circular path. I went out the back of the hotel and got on the circular path. There was no sign or other way to know where the hotel was. Thus, when I was done walking, I couldn’t find my way back to the hotel. It was a terrible feeling to be so lost, and I became desperate. Eventually, I found the opening to go back to the hotel. What a feeling of relief that was.

Of course, an even worse situation is when a child is lost!

Too often, saved people have now lost their way. They’re wandering lost and wondering where to go, what to do. Their Christian life is floundering.

We desperately need a clear path to discipleship so that people are not spiritually lost and instead become multiplying disciples.

Around the world, there is a lot of wonderful evangelism occurring. Many are coming to Christ in the Muslim world, in Israel amongst Jews, throughout Africa, Latin America, and Asia. China is expected to, or might even already have, more Christians than any nation on earth![1]

But often, there is a severe lack of discipleship. Christians are like how Mark Twain described the Platte River: “A mile wide, and an inch deep.”

Dr. Marvin J. Newell described the need in this way:
The lack of genuine changed lives has become the greatest omission of the Great Commission the world over. All too often “proselytes” are made instead of “disciples.” When this happens, churches get filled with bodies that exhibit little evidence of changed beliefs and behaviors. This results in spiritually apathetic adherents who quickly deteriorate into dysfunctional gatherings or nominal Christianity. They easily become victims of aberrant doctrine, heresy and deviant cults. Although they wear the label “Christian” many are not Christ-followers at all. They are superficial followers of “the way” in need of a genuine conversion experience. This sad state has become the bane of the Church the world over. Superficial conversions and inflated statistics only promote non-authentic outcomes.[2]

What is the answer? The answer is to obey Jesus’ Great Commission and “make disciples.”

The answer comes by developing a “Process of Discipleship” in each church and ministry. This is what DJJ is providing.

MISSION: This mission exists to disciple people in actionable, biblical wisdom.
VISION: Our vision is to take ½ million people on Jesus discipleship journeys.

Welcome to the journeys!