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For years we trained thousands of church planting leaders and told them they needed a Process of Discipleship. Since we didn’t provide one, our fear was that most of them, especially in developing nations, didn’t have a ready-made process available and never developed one. Our vision is to provide a process to make mature disciples of Christ. We began the ministry in September 2016 and launched the materials in September 2017.
Yes, but please understand that DJJ staff members are faith missionaries who raise support for the ministry. Please see our Staff Opportunities for a list of roles needed. If interested, please send an email to service@djjministry.org.
  • Pray
  • Your prayers for protection and blessing are vital. I know the enemy is not happy with what is happening. He will oppose us in every possible way. Please pray. We send out prayer requests monthly as well as a prayer letter. Please sign up for Ministry Updates here (insert hyperlink)  to get on that list.
  • Support
  • You help us financially in this journey of making a half million disciples! We needing funding for ministry support, for translations, for video production, for scholarships, trainings and more. Any amount you can donate is appreciated. Visit the donate page here (insert hyperlink) to find out how you can help.
  • Spread the word
We want everyone to go through our lessons and you can help by sharing the ministry and how to get our materials with others. God’s command to us as followers of Jesus Christ is that we “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:19. You can help by sharing this ministry with others. Please direct people to go to www.djjministry.org to find out more. If you are a pastor or leader that wants to know how you can incorporate these materials into your church and need more help, please email us at service@djjministry.org.
Yes, there are discipleship materials out there. We find that most churches don’t have a discipleship process. They have a praise band, youth ministries, sports teams, women’s fellowships, teaching, committees, and so on. Most don’t have a purposeful disciple-making process. Our vision at DJJ is to help change that and help churches provide a clear process of discipleship.
While they begin with salvation, they quickly move to discipleship lessons that all Christians need, no matter how long they have been a believer.
Here’s a sampling: prayer, the church, sacrificial service, missions, Spirit-led organization and systems, opposing false teaching, persistence, reaching the unreached, following God’s calling, faithfulness when sidelined, sharing your testimony, perseverance, ministry vision, strength through weakness, sexual purity, encouraging each other.
We expect that most will miss weeks due to holidays, travel and other interruptions. Also, since these are actionable lessons, we can see where it may take a short time to work out your lesson. Others may be able to complete more than 1 lesson a week.
It is our desire to represent historic biblical Christianity and not the biases of a particular perspective. You can see our Statement of Faith HERE.
DJJ materials can be used in many contexts: Small groups ,One-on-ones,House churches,Leadership training groups ,Family devotions,Children’s classes, Self-study with mentor input, Home schools ,Classrooms and classes and more!
Your first point of contact ideally would be a mentor who is taking you through these lessons. A small group leader or your pastor if you attend a local church can help you. If you do not have any local help, you can email us at service@djjministry.org and we will do our best to answer your question.
While we have made every effort to find any grammatical or syntax errors in the lessons, we may have missed some. If you find any, please email us at service@djjministry.org. Additionally, please make sure you are signed up to receive Ministry Updates CLICK HERE in order to be notified when changes occur. You will find the updated lessons in your downloads when you log into your account.
When we make corrections in grammatical and syntax errors, we upload a new file to our website. To access the new file, just log into your account and you will find it in your downloads.
We want to provide the DJJ discipleship lessons in as many languages as possible, however at this time only English is available. Lord willing, we hope to offer Spanish and some Indian languages in early 2018.
If you are interested in a particular translation, please let us know by emailing  service@djjministry.org. If you or someone you know is willing to donate their services to translate, please contact us.
After years of international ministry and travel to over 60 countries, we’ve learned a lot about eliminating Americanisms and creating cross-cultural materials.
When you complete each DJJ Quarter, you are entitled to a Certificate of Completion signed by DJJ President, Dr. Mark Alan Williams. To receive this certificate, please email service@djjministry.org.  You will receive a digital copy that you print. If you would like it mailed to you there will be a small postage and handling fee. If you are a mentor taking someone through the lessons, please let us know and you will receive a Certificate that you are able to sign as well.