Emil (and G) Reyes

Online Delivery Coordinator

Emil Reyes served in the United States Navy for 24 years before he retired in 2011. His ministry as an evangelist started in 2008, and he became a full-time missionary when he retired from the Navy. Emil worked with ministries like First the Kingdom and Dynamic Church Planting International. His missions took him to countries like Mexico, the Philippines, Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica preaching the Word of God on the streets and behind the pulpit. Emil also pastored Inland Hills Community Church in Fallbrook, California.

Emil’s wife, G, is a two-time cancer survivor and considers this ailment a blessing because God proved that He is real in her life and fully in control. She believes that she is now living a borrowed life. G founded Christmas Hope Project in 2008. With Emil and G working together through this ministry, the gospel reaches thousands of families in different countries yearly. People are fed physically and spiritually on Jesus’ birthday. The ministry continues to grow and leads thousands of people to Christ yearly.

Emil and G live in Oceanside with their son Max, daughter Germille and their adopted family from the Philippines. G serves on the DJJ Board as Chairperson.

Emil assists Beth Harris with Social Media coordination.