Staff Opportunities

We invite you to pray about the possibility that God would have you be part of this exciting disciple-making movement!
You could be used immensely in God’s Kingdom through Discipleship Journeys with Jesus!
Below are some of the staff positions envisioned at this time. These roles are both part and full-time. We’re also happy to have more volunteer staff. Many of the roles below can flex to fit the amount of time you have available.
As you pray, please be aware that DJJ is a faith mission and staff members are typically faith-supported missionaries. This means that from the President down, we are support-raising missionaries who trust God to provide for our needs through the donations of partnering friends and churches.

If God is leading you to learn more, please email us and let’s start to talk! Email Mark.
1. Corporate Staff Team
  • Director of Recruitment: This staff member will lead in recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding of new DJJ staff. While not responsible to find all potential staff members, this staff member will take all potential staff members through these three processes. Requires people and organizational skills. Part-time or full-time role.
  • Personal Assistants: These assist staff members with the details of running their portion of the DJJ ministry. Duties will often include answering emails, coordinating meetings, handling correspondence, arranging travel, managing errands, researching, plus other tasks. Through technology, Virtual Assistants working remotely are possible. Part-time or full-time roles.
2. Materials Staff Team
  • Materials and Translation Director: This staff member will oversee the preparation and distribution of all DJJ translations and materials. (Not responsible to write the materials.) Our vision is to have DJJ materials in all major languages of the world, plus as many other languages as possible. This person will keep lessons, videos and materials organized in all languages. Requires knowledge of InDesign. Will work closely with Partnership Department and Translators to coordinate translations. Part-time or full-time.
  • Translators: If you have a vision for DJJ to be available your language, we’d like to know about it and see if God is leading us to work together.
3. Online Services Staff Team
  • Director of Online Delivery: This staff member will oversee the online distribution of DJJ materials. This includes overseeing our website, videos, mobile applications, interactive online training, eBooks, print-on-demand resources, video-based training and other technologies as they become available. Computer skills required. Part-time or full-time role.
  • Director of the DJJ Help Desk: This staff member will oversee the DJJ Help Desk which is envisioned to assist those using the DJJ materials who have questions or need biblical counsel. This role will include the recruitment and coordination of Online Counselors. Position requires managerial abilities in addition to the ability to personally give biblical counsel. Part-time role.
4. Networking Staff Team
  • Partnership Director: This staff member will share, both in person and electronically, the discipleship process and overall ministry of DJJ with potential Partners. This will be done personally and by building a team of Regional Partnership Representatives around the world. Will require recruitment and managerial capabilities. Some national and international travel will be required. Full-time or part-time role.
  • Regional Partnership Coordinators: These staff members will oversee DJJ partnerships and partnership representatives in regions of the world. Conversations can be held both in person and electronically. Some travel may be required. Presentations of the DJJ ministry can be made to small groups, large groups and individuals, depending on the opportunities. Full-time or part-time roles.
5. Resources Staff Team
  • Vice President of Development: This staff member will work in close partnership with the President to oversee fundraising for DJJ. Responsible, along with the President, to develop an expanding network resulting in increased support for the DJJ ministry. This support can come from individuals, churches, major donors, foundations, corporations and others. Will require some national travel. Full-time or part-time role.
  • Foundation Coordinator: This staff member will coordinate DJJ work in securing funding through foundations. This is partly an administrative role to make sure that foundation guidelines are carefully followed, attractive materials are presented and reporting to foundations is comprehensive and rewarding to those who have given. In addition, because foundations are run by people, this staff member must be high in people skills. Part-time role.
  • Prayer Coordinator: This staff member will oversee DJJ prayer support. This prayer support will be done both in person and electronically. A prayer list is to be kept and regular prayer updates sent. The Prayer Coordinator will recruit an ever-expanding team of prayer partners who provide increasing prayer support for the DJJ ministry. In addition to prayer requests, this person will be responsible to report God’s answers to prayers. Part-time role.
Thanks for praying about these staff opportunities.
If God seems to be leading to learn more about serving with DJJ, we’d love to chat about what it might mean to join the team. Please Email Mark
You could be used immensely in God’s Kingdom through DJJ!