Staff Opportunities

We invite you to pray about the possibility that God would have you be part of this exciting disciple-making movement!

As you pray, please be aware that DJJ is a faith mission, and staff members are typically faith-based missionaries. We are support-raising missionaries or volunteers who trust God to provide for our needs through the donations of partnering friends and churches.

We will expect that you have already signed up for the lessons, through our “Start Your Journey” button and are using our DJJ materials before you start the staff inquiry process.

After you have read through the Position Description and are ready to connect with us, please tell us about your involvement with the lessons, perhaps your favorite lesson, and how many you are mentoring or taking through the lessons

1. Communications Team

Social Media Coordinator: If you are computer savvy, have compassion, administrative, managerial, and communication skills, this might be a role for you. This person oversees online activities to include, but not limited to: responding to inquiries about using the DJJ materials via email or social media, creating social media advertisements, overseeing online apps, Google ads, and managing the Facebook discipleship groups for each quarter, including recruiting volunteers to help manage the groups. You will be responsible for managerial duties including, goal setting, reporting, budget management. This position is part-time, can be a volunteer or support-raised, and can be done remotely. Must be able to connect to the internet regularly, have your own computer, and be able to communicate proficiently in English.

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