Daniela Caloca

Daniela has dedicated herself to full-time ministry since 2015, actively serving in Mexicali, Mexico, as a valued member of Vastago Ministerios. Within her church community, she engages in various partnerships, including Dynamic Church Planting International and The World Needs a Father. Alongside her commitment to ministry, Daniela is an integral part of her church’s young adults ministry and expresses her musical talent by playing the drums in worship.

Outside of her church involvement, Daniela is a high school math and science tutor with a fervent passion for STEM education. She has played a key role in coordinating math and science departments for online schools. As a 2022 ALICT (African Leadership Institute of Community Transformation) alumna, Daniela has gained valuable cross-cultural experiences, showcasing her adaptability and global perspective.

In addition to her educational pursuits, Daniela actively contributes to the expansion of God's kingdom by translating materials and participating in live event translations between English and Spanish. Her diverse skill set and dedication to both education and ministry highlight her commitment to making a positive impact in various aspects of community life.